Who We Are

CMS stands for Comprehensive Material Solutions.

We are the international division of Shenghai Industries, based in Vienna, Austria. We sell world-class raw materials and refractories globally by making use of the extensive mining resources of Shenghai Industries, as well as its high-tech plant in Dashiqiao, “the world’s capital of magnesia production”.

Our Competence. Your Advantage.

Our Values

Mutuality - We provide sustainable solutions that create mutual benefits,
to foster long term co-operation between supplier and customer.

Ethics - We believe only 100% ethical business will be sustainable. We set
the ethical standards in our locations and for our industry.

Performance - We deliver high-performance products and services, which
give our customers reliability and predictability for their processes.

Employees - We rely on our employees as the foundation of our success
and share that success with them.


Providing high quality to our customers is our main focus. Our quality- and environmental management systems for the production of our refractories are in line with the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our production is as well licensed according to Chinese production standards.


Today Shenghai Industries is a diversified group with a total revenue of nearly 1 billion US dollars and employs more than 1800 people. It has grown to one of the biggest high quality magnesia players in the world.

The groups’ roots go back to 2002 with the first operation of fused magnesia furnaces and with operations in the fields of mining and metals. By mining, flotating and melting of iron ore the foundation of today’s competence in mineral and metal processing of the Shenghai Industries was laid.


The founding of Yingkou Shenghai Chemicals Co., Ltd. marked the starting point of building today’s group

under the Shenghai Brand. Shenghai Chemicals

produces today up to 80,000 mt/a of copper anodes.


Yingkou Kaining Industry Co., Ltd., a magnesia raw material producer specialized on fused magnesia, joined Shenghai group as well as the magnesia mines Heshun, Jinyi and Jinsheng.


Shenghai Industries acquired Fulei and Guanrong Refractories which added capacity in magnesia carbon bricks and mixes. In parallel a magnesia flotation capacity of 800,000 tons per year  went onstream.

The flue gas from the smelting process is converted into sulfuric acid mainly for the fertilizer industry. An own production line for such fertilizer with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year will start up this year.


To better utilize the 300.000 tons per year of CCM output a production line with two fully automated shaft kilns and a total capcacity of 100.000 tons per year high quality dead burnt magnesia went onstream.


In 2021 CMS refractories and CMS materials were founded in Vienna, Austria to serve the international markets with high quality refractories and magnesia raw materials. The growth story will be continued...


Liaoning Shenghai Industries (Group) Co., Ltd.

Group Holding Company


Yingkou Fulei Refractory Co., Ltd.

Main production company of refractories

Yingkou Guanrong Refractory Co., Ltd

Production of fused magnesia and refractories

Yingkou Shenghai Magnesia Co., Ltd.

Holding Company of magnesia and refractory business


Add: Felixgasse 87
1130 Vienna, Austria

FN: 542345t

UID: ATU76043256


Yingkou Kaining Industry Co., Ltd.
Add: Chenjiacun Village, Dashiqiao City,
115103 Yingkou, Liaoning Province
P.R. China
Add: Oberlaaer Str. 82
1110 Vienna, Austria
FN: 553429t
UID: ATU76738309

Supply Chain Center

Dalian KX Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Financial Service Industrial Park 80-2

Huanghai Avenue No. 20, DDA

116630 Dalian, Liaoning Province, P.R. China